John Connor

Military sniper. Belives that humans must be more active and united against the machines. If that means taking out a few detractors to ensure common purpose, then so be it.


Origin: Appelachian Federation
Origin trait: Shiny Wheapon
(re-roll jam)
Specialisation: Rogue
Proffesion: Assassin
Proffesion trait: One Shot
(if time to prepare, gains +2 to appropriate skill and dammage is increased 1 step)


Constitution 11
Agility 13
Personality 14
Sence 12
Inteligence 12

Tricks: Corner Shot (blind shot hits on a 5 or less)
Sure Hand (when you spend a segment or more to aim you also get 2 to hit)
Nice Face (
1 to all social personality based skills, without granting slider effect)
Find the Right Guy (pass -5 int test to know who is inportant in a town)
Commando (+1 to dodge. Correcting fire and transfire fire don’t work on me)
Lay-Down (Can lay-down with bike then continue driving without needing to roll)

Disease: Suffers from morbus dexteri (amnesia), but is able to prevent the condition from developing by taking the drug Memoral.

Fame: 0
Reputation: New York 7, Appelachian Fed. 1


Fitness Riding
endurance 0 horse rinding 0
swimming 0 animal taming 0
climbing 0 coaching 0

Close Combat Driving Manual Skills* Shooting Ranged Wheapon
hand to hand 0 car 0 pick pocket 0 pistol 4 bow 0
melee 1 motorcycle 6 pick lock 0 rifles 4 crossbow 0
wrestling 0 truck 0 nimble hands 0 hvy guns 1 throwing 0

Negotiation* Empathy* Strong Will
intimidate 2 sense motive 3 pain resistance 1
diplomacy 5 bluff 3 morale 0
command 8 animal training 4 indomitablility 0

Medicine Technology Genaral Knowledge Specialised Gear Pyrotechnics
first aid 0 mechanics 0 history 0 hvy machines 0 gunsmithing 4
heal wounds 0 electronics 0 geography 0 battle vehicles 0 launchers 0
treat disease 0 computers 0 biology 0 boats 0 explosives 0
mathematics 0
chemistry 0
anatomy 0
languages 0
literature 0
physics 0

Outdoor Orientation Perception Camouflage* Survival
direction sence 0 listen 1 silent move 2 hunting 1
trapsmith 0 spot 3 hide 3 terrain expertise 1
tracking 0 alertness 4 conceal 3 water finding 1


Name: Steyr SSG Galil FN 5/7 T APS Colt Pyton.44
Type: sninper rifle assult rifle pistol pistol pistol
Damage: heavy heavy light light heavy
Penetration: 2 1 2 0 2
Clip capacity: 5 or 10 35 20 7 6
Jam: 18,19 or 20 19 or 20 19 or 20 19 or 20 19 or 20
Roll to hit: 19 17 18 18 18
Traits: v accurate +2, slow, unhandy accurate +1, *req12 accurate +1, quality ammo(15-20), quick reload accurate +1, v handy, short range(20m) accurate +1, revolver, unhandy

Steyr-Mannlicher SSG 69 sniper rifle, short police version (SSG P IV) with quick-detachable silencer installed
Galil Assault Rifle
Colt Python .44
FN Five-Seven Tactical
APS Handgun

Other Equipment

Steyr SSG; 10/10, 10/10, 10/10, 9/10
Galil(x2); 25/35, 35/35
FN 5/7 T; 20/20, 20/20
Python.44, 28 bullets
APS; 7/7

Low-light scope (with battery)
Gun torch (with battery)
flashlight (with battery)
motion detector (with battery)
night/thermo vision goggles (with battery)
6 spare batteries

Telescopic scope
Silencer for Stryr SSG
Bayonets for Stryr SSG and Galil

light Hazmed suit (-3 to Agility rolls)
Full Bio-hazzard suit (-3 to Agility rolls)

Armour: Kevlar NIJ3(Req 13: therefore -1 to Con/Agil/Move rolls)
Kawasaki AC Helmet 2.25(-1 to perception rolls)
Head: 2.25
Body: 2.25
Arms: 0
Legs: 0

Bio-samples (fingers) from various mutants, or synthetic skin over android skeletal structure
Memoral; 137 doses

Pets: Dog(trained Alsatian)

Transport: Motorbike
Vmax 160km/h
acc 40km/h
brakes 30km/h
mobility -1
durability 7
efficiency 5
class -3
(-5acc/break per extra passenger)

5 gambles


Born in Canada in the north of the Appelachian Federation, to parents Duncan and Mary, John learnt to be self sufficient at an early age. His father, who had a promising career in film making, though it would be fun to name his son ‘John’ to fit with the fictional character from the film Terminator. Ironic in that rather than being a soldier from the future, Johns’ father lived in the past, in his memories before the war, and was unable to adapt to life following the apocalypse. This led to a breakdown in their marriage with Connor choosing to stay with his mother. Duncan took his own life when John was but 12 years old. His mother however made the most of her new life. She was highly respected in her efforts to help war refugees. She however, died shortly after her husband in an attack by the machines while trying to get supplies to friends closer to the battle lines.
John’s 1st love Allison was captured and taken by the machines. Part of him hopes she is still alive, but more than this he fears she might still be alive and suffering. Logic tell him that she must be dead. The machines don’t take prisoners. Do they?

John Connor and his girlfriend

This event has fueled his hatred of Dreadnought. John has perused a career in the military to enable him to strike back at the machines. From hunting in the Canadian wilds, John already had gained much skill with a rifle. This skill has been fostered by the military, turning him into a very capable sniper. Occasionally assignments necessitate the taking of human lives, but John only accept targets where he could justify that they were in the way of unifying the people’s efforts against the machines.
John is very idealistic. He believes that human weakness, fear and greed is as great a threat as the machines. In that it leads people to pursue personal protection and resources at a cost to the many. However he believes that ultimately humanity’s strengths in courage, ingenuity and altruism; will eventually see them the victors.

Biohazzard symbol for Neuroshima

John Connor

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