Big Ben

Kidnapper of Rab's wife, former gang leader of Angry Eagles


Apparanetly he gave the order to capture Rab’s wife. According to the ganger you interrogated and killed, he was last seen in New York and arranged the meeting with kidnappers in Hudson Valley some time ago.

It came out that he used to be the leader of Angry Eagles but he left the city about a month ago.

Big Ben arrived to Detroit and quite quickly gained substantial fame in the city. It could suggest that he is either skilled racer or has exceptional leadership skills and charisma. Or both… He managed to detronise former gang leader of Hells Angels and took his place. Now he uses the gang for his own purpose and most of its members seem to be satisfied with his leadership. It is incredibly hard to contact him, since he accepts personal meetings only with most important figures in the town and constatly hides behind his minions and protectors.

It is known that Big Ben is surrounded by his loyal bodyguards nearly all the time, apparently he is also keeps Rab’s wife close to himself in order to keep an eye on her all the time.

Big Ben

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