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I’ve finished looking through racing rules (more or less) and prepared 3 races one of them based on an actual location in Detroit (and quite an interesting one). So hopefully it will be a lot of fun :D. But your truck might need some upgrades :P (you can easily achieve some of them with a few gambles, spare parts and some time spent in workshop). I’ll try to post some basic rules for players sometime tomorrow or the day after.


I uploaded the translation/sourcebook to google docs – feel free to view it there ;)

I also started a page for some future projects – have a look if you want :)

Older entries

I just found out that we dont have a forum – let me know whether you need one (i.e. to discuss the movie below) – ill try to find some free forum hosting and put the link here – let me know whether you have any preferences ;)

I found quite and interesting movie about Eart after apocalypse (or disappearance of human to be precise). Among other things it features the image of contemporary Prypiat (part 3&4) – a city that was abandoned after Chernobyl incident over 20 years ago. Unfortunately (for you :P) it’s got Polish subtitles but i guess you can just ignore it ;).

Life after people

Even more old entries:

First of all I’ll be updating the content throughtout the week whenever I have time and motiviation to do so. Again i encourage you to do it as well, by adding your own content or placing some comments (character opinions?) in existing entries. E.g you could just post that the commander of Military outpost is shit at his job ;]

Also we are apparently allowed to have only 1 map per campaign so I have posted a big one, in case we will end up at the other end of America after some time. Because of that the distances won’t be too real, just to keep it relatively clear.



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