New York City

New york view

Overwiev and history.

New York City surface has been badly damaged during thewar. It suffered from biological and chemical attacks leaving the atmosphere toxic and the whole city inhabitable. However it also was a blessing for the citizens – Dreadnaught decided that the city doesn’t pose any threat and focused its effort elsewhere. It allowed people of NYC to organise in underground subway stations and start rebuilding and preparing for counter attack

As the consequence of that New York is the most organised and probably one of the most safe cities even though it’s close to the frontline. Led by the vision of Peter Collins citizens of New York managed to organise power plant, hospital, a running subway line, police, fire brigade as well as schools and several factories. This way it also attracted the services of experts whose useful skills were wasted while struggling for survival. The city ensures one’s safety and well being as long as the individual contributes towards the society’s wellbeing.

After Peter Collins’ death his son was elected to be the mayor and although he does his best, many admit that he’s no equal to his father. Even though he doesn’t get as much support as his father, Paul Collins continues his work – he increased the influence of police and declared the war against gangers as well as anyone else who would dare to threat NYC. He also made alliance with Sentry Post in order to creat a force that would be able to oppose the Dreadnaught.

Geography of NYC (map below can be magnified by clicking)

NYC subway At the moment most of NYC is ruined and abandoned. The life is concentrated mostly in Manhattan’s underground, south from Central park remains. One of the major subway lines has been set to work (leftmost blue line on the map) while the rest is being actively drained and inhabitet by citizens. On the other hand Angry Eagles have taken over the northern part of island in the tunnel that was left unexplored (two red lines starting from the fork next to central park on the map). Except for the main (blue) line, all lines connecting Manhattan with Bronx and Brooklyn have been collapsed in order not to cause floods. One of the tunnels is maintained dry for those who wish to travel away from inhabited area.

Besides subway tunnels there is also vast sewage network spreading below new york, including areas outside the Manhattan island. They can’t be used for travel due to high toxicity and radiation unless countermeasures are taken.

New York City

Neuroshima Krackus