Crp David Button

soldier assigned to your team for the time of recon mission


MP5 sub-machine gun
glock 17 pistol
light kevlar jacket and helmet
pack of cigarettes
some personal stuff

Ag: 12
Sns: 13
Int: 12
Con: 12

shooting (all skills): level 3
driving (all skills): level 2
close combat (all skills): level 3
stron will (all skills): level 3
pyrotechnics (all skills): level 1
Perception (all skills): level 2
Camouflage (all skills): level 1


From his looks and actions he seems to be a regular soldier, well trained and skilled, determined to fight Dreadnaught for his own reasons. As for his history he wasn’t too talkactive, especially after you helped him a bit to get attacked by a Hunter. Still he’d rather follow you rather than stay in the vault in the middle of nowhere.

At the moment he is staying in NYC hospital and he has been ordered to help you as soon as he recovers.

Crp David Button

Neuroshima Krackus