General plot summary

The team started with Falco and La Long Carabine (aka Rab) going to meet a ganger Joe who had information about Rab’s wife. They teamed up with Alopay at Joe’s gas station and killed the ganger and his friends, getting the information that led Rab to Big Ben and New York City.

The team travelled towards NYC but they were interrupted by minor car fault as well as a machine chasing some soldier. They helped him and ended up in a military outpost getting reward for the deed alongside with a mission to investigate machine presence so far from the frontline. Two soldier were assigned to help them: John Connor and Crp David Button.

The team soon discovered that tracks lead to a underground vault that has been attacked by machines. They tracked down a large drill that has been digging quite long tunnels. The team managed to destroy the machine and escape to safety.

Afterwards they were ordered by Ltn Cerat Thunder to report to Paul Collins in NYC. In the city the team delivered the report as well as pursued they own goals – finding better equipment and some hideout as well as getting more information on Rab’s wife. It came out that Big Ben has left the city.

In order to ensure city’s safety the team decided to team up with local police and military forces and prevent the machines from executing their plan. In order to do that they needed information as well as resources. To get that they looked for local gang and prepared for the travel to nearby Nuclear power plant

Let me know if I missed or mixed up something :). The most recent session gets its own entry



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